Cenote Angelita

"Little Angel Cave"

by Nicholas Hosken

Posted on 30 December 2017

Diver exploring Cenote Angelita

CAVERN - Max Depth: 30m/100ft   Avg Depth: 30m/199ft

CAVE - Max Depth: 60m/199ft,   Avg Depth: 60m/199ft

Unlike most cenotes found in the Yucatan Peninsula, Angelita is not actually part of any cave system. Rather it is a single sheer walled shaft which runs to a depth of approximately 60m/199ft.

If Hollywood were to do an underwater production of the Blaire Witch Project, this is where they would do it. The slow moving, smoky mist we find at the 33m/100ft mark makes this cenote easily one the most eerie dive sites in the world. This foul smelling fog, known as a hydrogen sulfur cloud, veils a mountain of lifeless foliage below. Some of this dead vegetation has literally been here for hundreds of years but is still as pristine as the day in fell into the water. This is brought about by the absence of bacteria which simply can't survive below the cloud due to the lack of oxygen.

"...and realize that there is a black abyss below you still, the water is very clear, but your light doesn't illuminate anything below, the beam is swallowed up in blackness."

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