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We understand that not everybody wants to dive and some people are just happier viewing the underwater world from above. Being protected from currents by Isla Mujeres (Island of Women), Cancun's Underwater Museum offers some of the safest and most accessible snorkelling in the world. The only requirements for snorkelling is an ability to swim, be a minimum of 8 years old and have capacity to laugh at yourself when you first don the gear and feel rather like a fish out of water.

Normally fluctuating between 78° to 84° Fahrenheit or 25°- 29° Celsius the Caribbean Sea can sometimes feel similar to a salty bath. In fact, one of the reasons the Caribbean is so popular with snorkelers is that its higher salt content makes floating at the surface that much easier. Futhermore, life vests will be issued on the boat for added safety and peace of mind.

Your snorkel tour will include a 40 minute swim over Cancun's Underwater Museum guided by a local born and raised on the island. Your second snorkel session will take place on one of the nearby Manchones reefs which are shallow enough to be explored from the surface. These reefs are all located in the Cancun & Isla Mujeres Marine Park. This means that they are in a very healthy condition and are absolutely teaming with marine life such as barracuda, lobster, crab, trumpet fish, pufferfish and turtles.