PADI Diving



Once upon a time, not too long ago, diving was a pastime for only the toughest, most rugged, ex-military type men. However with the advances in technology and our new understanding of how the human body works, this hard-core sport has evolved into a hobby which can now be pursued by even the most delicate of flowers. We offer the following one day courses for those of you who are simply looking to cross diving or snorkeling off your bucket list and for those of you who are looking to get your kids more active. These short courses are also an amazing option for families looking for an exciting and “alternative” adventure which will be remembered fondly by all for a life time.


An estimated 98.5% of the water on earth is in its oceans and, from turtles and stingrays to underwater caverns and wrecks, its depths offer us the opportunity to explore some of the most unique ecosystems on our planet. Each of the certification levels below will give you the skills to adventure into a world visited by few and mastered by none. Come learn to dive with us and unlock your inner Indiana Jones.

An instructor decends with a Jnr. Open Water Diver